It’s time for the Church to rethink church.

Goals of the Mercy House Program:

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sustainable, community-sized congregations for Sabbath gatherings, personal discipleship, and local ministry.

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a replicable model and network for congregational planting, discipleship, and support.

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an online platform of interactive, video-based study guides to provide sound training in Biblical truth to local congregations as they return to the Hebraic pattern of messianic discipleship.

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local leaders to establish viable congregations in every community.

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the rapid and perpetual establishment of intimate congregations to foster the spiritual growth of their communities, while lightening the technical and operational burdens of local leaders.

Structural Overview at-a-Glance

Make a Difference

Scripturally, every major move of God coincides with moments of incredible generosity. We need property, resources, and spiritual support. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in contributing property or funding to such an effort, please donate or contact us.

Current Need: $145,000

Total Goal:

Amount Raised: $12,144

Our Story

Over the last century, both the traditions of denominational Christianity and the attempts at relevance by many independent churches have failed to gain ground for the body of Yeshua (Jesus). The proof of this is evident in the statistics, empty pews, shuttered churches, and ever-declining cultural influence of the Body of Believers in our culture.

Now more than ever, people are desperate for steadfast truth and real community. We crave shalom — the God-given peace that comes from spiritual wholeness. Those needs are being largely undressed by contemporary Believers, as we’ve:

  • reduced worship to a spectator sport;

  • dismissed Scriptural absolutes as suggestions; and

  • relegated the redemptive power of the Body of Messiah to nothing more than a weekend pastime.

Yet we wonder why our churches have lost their importance. 

It’s time for a change…

Our Vision 

Our congregation, Mercy Collective, began in Nashville with a simple purpose: We seek to encourage Christians to live according to the promises, covenants, and commandments of the God of Israel. We do so by sharing the love of Messiah, teaching the whole Bible, and embracing the Hebraic culture of the early Church.

This year, God has led us to a moment of metamorphosis: Instead of following the usual route of growing a large, centralized church, we are to focus on creating genuine, sustainable communities of faith within the Body of Believers. The days of massive auditoriums and one-size-fits-all church services are over. It’s time to make the Church a family once again. We believe that gathering together should feel like coming home.

We want to change the way people experience the Church.

Our vision is to start by turning houses, offices, chapels, and farms into intimate community churches throughout the world. These venues would be used to facilitate authentic discipleship, worship, prayer, and outreach for small congregations of up to about 100 people. 

An example of how a home can be used for a Mercy congregation, as a low-cost and more intimate alternative to commercial real estate.

Together, we will provide an organized and effective community of faith for those seeking to build congregations in their own communities. We will do this by:

  • Providing congregational teaching materials and discipleship guides rooted in the truth of Scripture alone, from many of the Hebrew Roots and Messianic movements’ most cutting edge teachers. (For an example, see below.)

  • Assisting local leaders in establishing, promoting, and sustaining their congregations.

  • Building an international network of congregations, sharing in the unity and love of the Messiah, growing through sound doctrine, and serving others as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

  • Growing beyond ourselves through a systemic expectation of planting and reaping.

Sample Mercy congregational Teaching Guide

With your financial help, videos like these will be produced to provide an interactive discipleship curriculum for affiliated Mercy Houses. Instead of having to rely on self-generated sermons alone, our Mercy House leaders will have access to a vast library of Biblical teachings, each formatted specifically for use within an interactive congregation setting. Click here to learn more about the Mercy House experience.