Give to something life-changing

The vision of Mercy Collective is unlike most churches in the modern world. This is something that hasn’t been done in nearly 2,000 years. And it’s essential and important.

Most churches routinely raise money for a wide array of infrastructure needs. Those funds generally go toward building large, centralized campuses, designed to maximize the efficient processing of Christians on Sunday mornings.

We’re doing things differently:

  1. We seek to make disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) and to connect them to the promises, commandments, and covenants of the God of Israel.

  2. Following the model of the early Believers, we want to raise up congregational leaders in every city, town, and region.

  3. We want community-focused congregations (as opposed to program-focused churches) where real relationships, spiritual growth, support, and a spirit of belonging can flourish.

  4. We want to “right-size” the congregational model — restoring it back to the sizes of neighborhood synagogues, home churches, and community assemblies found throughout the Bible. Instead of building large, multimillion dollar campuses, we will invest our resources into planting as many small (<100 people) congregations as possible.

  5. We want to empower local communities to study Scripture in a disciplined way, within spiritually safe environments, to produce unity throughout the Body and encourage the learning of sound doctrine.

Immediate financial Need

To fulfill these goals, we have identified the following financial needs:

  • $100,000 for a downpayment to plant our first congregational home in Nashville, Tennessee. We aim to convert a residential property into a place that will serve multiple purposes. Chief among those will be modeling this new congregational model and establishing a studio and home base to serve the future of this ministry.

  • $30,000 for startup equipment and renovations

  • $30,000 for production costs on the initial discipleship/teaching programs

  • $5,000 for outreach and materials

  • $400,000 for the total payoff of the first congregational plant, so that we can begin working on future congregations

It is our hope to raise these funds in 2019.

It is our belief that under careful supervision this initial capital raise will be sufficient to launch this phase of our ministry. The ongoing costs for the property and materials will be derived from the regular contributions of the congregation and those who choose to partner with the ministry.

Longterm Financial Strategy

This entire congregational model is geared toward growth and multiplication. Central to the mission of every Mercy congregation will be the expectation of each congregation planting and supporting new congregations, in perpetuity. Unlike a cell church that is designed to split at a certain size, our approach to multiplication will be such that each congregation will work to establish new congregations comprised of different people than their original group. Given the growth of the Hebraic awakening happening worldwide, we feel that this is essential to feeding His sheep.

Each congregation will be expected to remain fiscally viable on their own — barring any extreme circumstances.

The overall expenses associated with supporting this ever-multiplying ministry will be covered by ongoing charity from individuals and the collection of a “tithe of the tithes” from each congregation.

As the ministry will have relatively minor real estate holdings — and mostly residential — the financial flexibility will exceed most traditional church models.


Get Involved

Scripturally, every major move of God coincides with moments of incredible generosity. We need property, resources, and spiritual support. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in contributing property or funding to such an effort, please contact us.

Launch Need: $165,000

Total Goal:

Amount Raised: $8,424