Worship Yeshua

Every Sabbath in Franklin, Tennessee

Come, join us in His presence every Saturday.

Sabbath Church Spirit Filled Worship in Franklin

Mercy Collective is church in Franklin, Tennessee, filled with lovers of Yeshua (Jesus), the God of Israel. As a Spirit-led congregation, we seek to worship Him in Spirit and Truth, share the full Gospel, and teach the whole Bible. In His presence, we are made whole.

We meet every Sabbath (Saturday) at 4 PM in Franklin, Tennessee:

813 Oak Meadow Drive
Franklin, TN 37064

Free Discipleship Study:

The Feasts of the Lord

Invite your friends, print the worksheets, play the videos, and let's learn about God's appointed times! This 9-lesson series will take you through God's prophetic plan for salvation.

Through Mercy, we love God and people by providing:

  • Sabbath and Feast gatherings and special events

  • Local fellowship and global ministry

  • Opportunities for collective prayer and worship

  • Biblical education and discipleship

  • Safe, supportive fellowship for all ages

  • A community focused on His Spirit and Truth

Watch Now:

The Gospel in the Biblical Fall Festivals

Don Finto, Lyndon Allen, Keith Wilson, and John Diffenderfer share perspectives on how the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles reveal the Messiah's plan for His people.