Our Calling is Yeshua

to know Him and love Him evermore

It's all because of Yeshua's love.

We are loved by God, and we love Him with wholeness of heart, mind, and strength. Everything comes from His love, and everything is for our Beloved. He is our reward. We seek to know Him evermore and, in so doing, to fall endlessly deeper in love with Him. The experience of Yeshua’s love is His mercy. Our ministry goal is simple:

We want you to fall endlessly deeper in love with Yeshua.

In all things, we love Him through:

Fellowship with Him and His Body

We desire His presence and the opportunity to experience Him through His Body. We seek Him at every moment of our lives. We gather collectively to meet with Yeshua on the Sabbath, Biblical holy days, and at other times.

Worship of Him

Our worship is the intentional expression of our love for Yeshua. It is a love that demands the full engagement of one’s heart, mind, and body. Worship takes many expressive forms. In all true acts of worship, we find ourselves in Him, the Spirit and Truth.

Communication with Him

We pray to God, spending time in His presence. We speak and sing to Him. We engage in intercession and confession. We seek His vision. We listen to His voice. He speaks directly, and He also speaks through Scripture, signs, and prophetic words spoken through His Body.

Cooperation with Him

We serve God by working on His behalf and for His glory, sharing the Gospel of Yeshua with all who will listen. We conform the actions of our lives into the deeds He desires, as outlined in Scripture and personal revelations of the Holy Spirit. God's instructions are an invitation to experience His love and bring our lives into alignment with His heart. We make disciples of Yeshua by teaching the Bible, sharing testimonies of His affection, and edifying one another in the love of our Lord through the gifts of His Holy Spirit.

Givenness to Him

We freely sacrifice to God by giving Him everything He has given us. We dedicate our lives to Him and embrace His invitation for covenantal partnership with Him. We do so through compliance with His will, including service, tithes, offerings, and the actions of our daily lives. In ministry and service, we bear one another’s burdens, eagerly embracing opportunities to share in His love toward others.

Some of the ways Yeshua's love shapes Mercy:

We love what He loves.

Children, praise, mercy, cheerful giving, Jerusalem, unity... The Bible tells us God loves many things, and we choose to align our hearts with His.

We love His Word and commandments.

Whether given at Mt. Ararat, Mt. Sinai, during the Sermon on the Mount, or at any other time, we believe God's instructions are an invitation to experience His love and bring our lives into alignment with His heart. We strive to surrender our desires and behaviors to the will of God. This means that what we surrender what we seek, participate in, and consume to the loving direction of God — yes, literally and abstractly.

We love to worship Him.

We were created to worship and will do so for all of eternity. Through free worship, we express our adoration of Him. He draws near to those who adore Him, and there's nothing better or more powerful than His presence.

We love His leadership.

Our gatherings aren't spectator-oriented performances. We assemble, and He leads. We participate with His Spirit, making room for heartfelt worship, prayer, deliverance, healing, and the fullness of the Gifts of the Spirit.

We love God's schedule.

The Bible outlines weekly, monthly, and annual festivals for God's people to celebrate. As such, we keep the weekly Sabbath and celebrate the other Biblical Holy Days throughout the year, such as Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.

We love His people.

The legacy of our faith started with Abraham and extends into eternity. Yeshua was a Jew, fully. As such, we often use Biblical, Hebraic elements in our worship, including using God's Hebrew names, Yeshua and Yahweh. And, though most of us come from Gentile forefathers, we firmly believe in God's faithfulness to the Jewish people and oppose Replacement Theology. All who hold faith in Christ are equally chosen and grafted into His covenant people, Israel. Prejudice and supremacy should have no place among those who profess that all are made in the image of God and called to be transformed into the image of Christ.

A Message from the Lead Pastors

Pastors John and Melissa Diffenderfer

Mercy Collective is dedicated to the love of Yeshua. We're grateful to lead a congregation of Spirit-filled Believers in Franklin, Tennessee. Together, we minister to Yeshua and our community. In all things, we embrace our Messiah, the Living Word.

Our calling is Yeshua; to know Him and to love Him evermore. His all-powerful presence is the joy of our lives.

We seek to encourage believers to lead Biblical Christian lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. We seek to honor Yeshua's love as the standard for our lives and to dwell daily with Him. Our desire is to develop true disciples of our Lord, Yeshua. There is no higher form of discipleship than to come to know Him and to fall endlessly deeper in love with Him. His friendship is our eternal reward.

We, like many in our community, grew up with a Messianic perspective of the faith. Through the years, our lives and ministry have brought us together with those from countless denominational backgrounds and those with no prior Christian experience at all. We find tremendous beauty in the diversity of the Body of Christ, and we welcome those who seek to worship Yeshua in Spirit and Truth. May we all be evermore conformed to His image.

We hope you'll join us soon.

In Yeshua's love,

John and Melissa Diffenderfer
Lead Pastors, Mercy Collective

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