Ministries we Love

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

John 4:24

Local Ministries

Franklin Prayer House

Franklin Prayer House

Franklin Prayer House exists to create space for you to be at home in the presence of God and experience a rhythm of intimacy with Jesus. Monday through Friday, they host prayer and worship sets.

Music City Worship Logo

Music City Worship

Music City Worship is a coalition of Messianic Jewish and Christian worshippers who gather weekly to exalt Christ and minister to Middle Tennessee. Gatherings take place at Plaza Mariachi in Nashville.

Discipleship Ministries

The Bible Project Logo

The Bible Project

Under the scholarship of Tim Mackie, The Bible Project promotes Biblical literacy and the knowledge of God through deeply insightful videos, articles, and other resources. Their animated video summaries of Biblical concepts and books show how the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus.

Crazy Love Logo

Crazy Love Ministries

Francis Chan's ministry through Crazy Love has challenged the Church to deeper love and higher views of God. Through books, videos, and discipleship, Crazy Love shines the love of Christ.

Rise on Fire Logo

Rise on Fire Ministries

Rise on Fire Ministries' mission is to equip believers in the power of the Holy Spirit and to help them rediscover their roots and holiness to walk as Yeshua in Truth through obedience to the instructions of Father. Through video and written content and itinerant ministry, they provide a wealth of edification.

Women of Valor Logo

Women of Valor

We've been honored to support, speak at, and help facilitate many events on behalf of Women of Valor, a Hebraic ministry focused on supporting women in the roles within the Body.

John Diffenderfer, the online home of the personal ministry of our pastor, John Diffenderfer. The site provides a wealth of resources, including his books, original articles, and more. This ministry is focused primarily on lending Biblical truth to marriage, churches, and everyday life.

First Stone Ministries

First Stone Ministries

First Stone Ministries is focused on helping believers find freedom from LGBT and other sexual sins. Their mission: Leading people in the Body of Christ to freedom from homosexuality and sexual brokenness through a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord; to reach out to churches, schools, organizations, and the general public by providing education, biblical discipleship, support, and AIDS ministry.

Hands to the Land Israel Ministry

Hands to the Land

Many years ago, our pastor joined in the inception of Hands to the Land. To this day, we continue to participate in this unique and life-changing experience in the land of Israel. Twice a year, members of our congregation join with a group of believers from around the world to spend three weeks studying, building relationships, and witnessing what God is doing in Israel.

Evangelistic Ministries

The Binji Initiative

The Binji — Uganda

This independent ministry is a product of the faithfulness of our dear Messianic friend Eleanor Wyatt (and others who have joined her). The Binji preaches the Gospel and trains disciples of Yeshua while providing essential resources, such as food and shelter, to women and children in Uganda. We enthusiastically love this mission and emplore all who are able to lend a hand of aid to their Kingdom work.

Iris Global Logo

Iris Global

Founded by Heidi and Roland Baker, Iris Global preaches the Gospel of Christ and demonstrates the love of the Father, primarily among the world's poorest and most oppressed populations.

Awakening Europe

Awakening Europe

In the words of their founder, Ben Fitzgerald, Awakening Europe is "dedicated to saving souls and adoring our King Jesus across Europe." Through evangelism, teaching, and worship, they minister to see Christ, once again, embraced throughout Europe.

Worshipful Churches

HFF Logo

Hebraic Family Fellowship

Hebraic Family Fellowship in Norman, Oklahoma, is a Saturday Church promoting the Christian faith through the teaching of the whole Bible.

Upperroom Logo


Upperroom, a church in Dallas, is a wonderful fellowship of worshippers of Jesus. Through their YouTube channels, they offer Spirit-led worship and teaching.

Jesus Image Logo

Jesus Image

Jesus Image, a church in Orlando, exists to love Jesus and to introduce Him to the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through their YouTube channel, they offer Spirit-led worship and Gospel-centered teaching.

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