Our Faith is Yeshua

"You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God."

We Believe:

There is only one true God. Yeshua (Jesus) and Yahweh are the personal names of God. In His heavenly transcendence, He is the Father. In His incarnation, He is the Son. In His spiritual presence and power, He is the Holy Spirit. There is nothing above Him, and He has no equal.

There is nothing God desires more than for us to know and love Him. Our love for Him is the reciprocation of His love toward us.

God’s presence is made available to us by His Holy Spirit. Through His Spirit, we have communion with God and knowledge of God. The Holy Spirit dwells in believers and enables us to experience and express God’s love. Through the Holy Spirit, we experience the supernatural power of God, including all the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit. He teaches us. He heals us. He leads us. He empowers us to conform to Yeshua’s image.

We exist solely by the generous love of God. Because of His love, He offers the gift of eternal life to all who accept the covenant offered through Yeshua’s sacrificial death and believe in His eternal resurrection, authority, and supremacy. In our acceptance of our loving God, we are given new lives of eternal fellowship with God. Our relationship with God is an eternal covenant that He will not revoke. Yeshua is our reward, both in this lifetime and for all of eternity.

In our covenant with Yeshua, our lives are marked through acts of baptisms and the Lord's Supper. Through water baptism, we signify the initial surrender of our former lives and rise in the new life of our Lord. Through the spiritual baptism of the Spirit and fire, we experience the presence and power of God. Through the bread and wine of the Lord's Supper, we memorialize the Paschal sacrifice of Yeshua, the Lamb of God, and bring His presence into our bodies, the Temple of God.

We worship God because of our love for Him. Our worship is the expression of our adoration of Him. The worship He desires mirrors His sacrificial love. It is expressed through wholehearted, mindful, bodily expressions and deeds. There is no higher calling than to sit as His feet in perfect fellowship with Him.

The entire Bible, from Genesis through Revelation, is God’s love story. It was produced by the Holy Spirit and written and compiled by humans under His direction. All Scripture points to Yeshua. By reading and living according to Scripture, we discover evermore The Way, The Truth, and The Life: Our Beloved, Yeshua.

The Bible is the only documented authority for all believers and the standard against which we evaluate all things, including sin and righteousness. Where Scripture speaks, we fulfill His desire. Where Scripture is silent, we appeal to wisdom and do not rush to judgment.

Sin is transgression of God’s law, including anything that goes against the loving will of God. Sin is inherently destructive, as it contradicts the Word of God, through which all things exist. All sin comes from ignorance, evil desires, or demonic oppression. Universally, sin is defined throughout Scripture, overtly and implicitly. Except for Yeshua, all people have sinned and have sin. Unforgiven, unatoned, unwashed sin cannot coexist with the eternal holiness of our Heavenly Father, so the consequences of sin are death and eternal separation from God.

In God’s immeasurable lovingkindness, He offered Yeshua to fulfill the punishment for our sins. By Yeshua’s crucifixion, all have the invitation for their sin to be forgiven and removed. By surrendering our lives in an eternal covenant, wherein we give our whole selves to Him and submit to His Lordship, we become one with Him. In so doing, His death substitutes our own and fulfills the earned punishment for our own sin. By partaking in a covenantal relationship with Yeshua, God forgives our sins and credits Christ’s righteousness to us. Because He has forgiven our sins, we too forgive one another. We strive to live in accordance with His sinless life, knowing that His eternal sacrifice covers us when we err.

The lovers of God are one people. In the Bible, this collective group is called many things, including the Church, Body of Christ, Bride, Temple, Assembly, and — most often — Israel. All who profess and believe in the Lordship of Yeshua are part of His one Church, fully grafted into Israel. Spiritually, Israel is comprised of both Jews and former gentiles alike, and all of Israel will be saved through the knowledge of our Lord Yeshua. Because He has received all of us equally, there is no room for pride, prejudice, or supremacy among the members of His Church. All are called to function as priests unto God, ministering to both Him and the world.

Local churches are the primary means through which God enacts His kingdom on earth and collectively leads His people. Committed participation in a local church is the default expectation of Scripture toward all believers. Local churches are as varied as the people they comprise, and each part of His Body is invaluable.

We assemble for Sabbaths, Holy Days, and other gatherings as Scripture instructs. They are sacred times to collectively encounter His presence. They are opportunities to honor our Beloved and to express our adoration of Him. In our assembling, we give our presence to His and experience Him both directly and through one another.

We await Yeshua’s glorious return to earth. He is our Bridegroom, and we are His Bride. He will judge the living and dead. Those faithful to His covenant will be welcomed into His millennial kingdom, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. We await His soon return with purity and deep longing in our hearts.

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